The NLP Training Course That Is Refreshingly Different


Here at NLP Central we are focused on providing a first class NLP Training Course that puts NLP Training in the reach of everyone. We set out to provide NLP Training of the highest quality here in central England. We know we deliver……………because our delegates tell us we do.

We know other training organisations frequently charge in excess of £3000 for exactly the same level of training!


Our NLP training courses are carried out here at our own training centre in Rural Staffordshire. This means we keep our costs down and quality up. Our NLP training is conducted in small groups and we allow lots of time for discussion and practice. We don’t run our NLP Training like a circus. Our delagates are important to us.  We provide ethical, focused, professional training. We have been NLP Training Birmingham for over 10 years and have conducted NLP Training across the U.K.

We don’t send you dozens of C.D.’s  to listen to, or reams of reading before you attend the course. We conduct live training so you learn unconsciously as well as consciously. Most importantly we have a lots of fun. We do provide you with a reading list that should prove helpful if you want to do some pre-course preperation.

If you think of the times when you enjoyed learning something new it probably involved having fun. That’s exactly how we like you to experience our NLP Training Course. When a young child learns the best and most important lessons in life it’s usually done without conscious effort. We think that’s essential too.


You may be thinking do our courses have a recognised structure? They most certainly do! Other training providers are charging between £3000 & £4000 for the same level of accreditation. If you are looking for NP training in the West Midlands or across the United Kingdom please give us a call. We even offer tailored solutions to businesses who require bespoke NLP training courses.

We teach all the widely recognised aspects of NLP including but not limited to:

Hypnotic Language, Representational Systems, Eye Accessing Cues, Submodalities, Anchoring, The Meta Model, Rapport Building, Pacing and Leading, and much, much, much, more. If you can check out our training prospectus for a more detailed breakdown of course content.

When you join our NLP training course you also learn the NLP change processes for which NLP is widely recognised. How to eliminate unwanted fears and phobias, how to communicate more effectively and with grace and confidence, how to establish rapport and how to influence and lead others into better choices

nlp_trainingIf you take a few minutes to consider how this can enhance not only your life but also the life those who are important to you. NLP coaching is now established as one of the many important applications of NLP training.

Our NLP Training Course not only helps you develop a new and improved way of communicating but also a new way of thinking. If you think differently you will soon start to feel differently. Professional NLP Training is now established as one of the best self-development programs you can undertake and is recognised as a great way to improve career prospects.

The skills, attitudes and techniques of NLP can be used to influence you own and other peoples behaviour leading to better outcomes and results. You will be able to connect with others at a more meaningful level and develop a more flexible approach to life’s challenges.

A Professional NLP Training Course

If you would like more information on our NLP Training Course then please complete the contact information details. We can then send you a free information pack.

 A Refreshingly Different NLP Training Course

We hope you find this site refreshingly clear and free from jargon and silly claims and high-pressure selling techniques. If you want to know more about our NLP Training Course you can pick up the telephone and give us a call. You will be treated with respect and your questions answered honestly and openly. That’s out first commitment to you. Our second commitment to you is: We will not pressurise you to join one of our courses.


WE offer a Fully Accredited NLP Training Course that we hope ticks all your Boxes.

We also provide Fully Fully Accredited Hypnotherapy Training on our sister site. If this interests you then please contact us for further information

External Accreditation

Choosing a course that has been accredited by a recognised NLP Organisation is an important step in ensuring you receive high quality professional training.  We are members of The Professional Guild of NLP and qualified at Trainer Level.  We are also members of The Association of NLP (ANLP) where we are also registered with them at Trainer Level. Our NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner training is also accredited by The Association of Integrative Psychology.

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We have a printable NLP training prospectus that can be downloaded at any time. Our full course outline is also available for printing by using the link below. We teach all the well recognised aspects of NLP including the Meta Model, Well Formed Outcomes, The Milton Model, and how to develop Rapport and how to develop communication excellence. Additional information regarding course content is available on the site. If you would like to discuss any of our course content in detail please contact us at any time.

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We know that cost is an important consideration for all delegates. For anyone travelling  to join one of our courses we can also suggest some superb local accommodation. All pricing information for or NLP Practitioner training are contained within our booking form. The prices for The NLP Master Practitioner or our introduction Diploma in NLP are also available. If you need further information regarding our pricing  then please give us a call or Email.

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