Learn Like A Child. NLP Training Course


Learn Like A Child

1. Go Back in Time. Remember how, as a tiny child, you achieved fantastic learning accomplishments? Now, if you put yourself into an imaginary time machine, you can go back to that time of early childhood. Just pretend momentarily that you are in that time machine. Imagine you are going back to that happy time of accelerated learning as a child. Get a glimpse of what it’s like. Notice that the people are very big – you look up at them. There is so much going on.

2. Notice Your Learning Capabilities. You are actively and passionately learning. You are learning a lot of things, especially the language. You are learning fifteen to thirty new words a day. Without even thinking about it, you are learning hundreds of rules of grammar. And that ability to learn remains in you.

3. Inventory Your Gifts. You have 15 billion brain cells that together are twinkling with the circuitry of a thousand cities. Your ears can hear 1,600 different frequencies, ranging from 20 to 20,000 cycles per second. Your eyes can detect a single photon of light. And the 800,000 fibres in each of your optic nerves transmit more information from 132 million rods and cones to your brain than the world’s largest optical computer system. The more than 300 million tiny air sacs in your lungs provide oxygen to the 100 trillion cells throughout your body. Your 206 bones and 656 muscles form a more functionally diverse system of capabilities than any known creature. And these and other tremendous abilities to function and learn can be applied in many different ways. You can’t count all your capabilities – there are too many.

4. Form a Single Image. Now, when you picture your ability to learn, you can see these kinds of capacities as a whole, bright image of your human nervous system – a system of functional capabilities unrivalled in the known universe. If you ever doubt your own capability to achieve your mission, this image can pop up as a factual account of your gifts, turning that doubt into confidence.


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