Finding Your Life’s Passion

FINDING YOUR LIFE’S PASSION     Tap Your Inner Excitement. Like Steven Spielberg, Susan Butcher, and other great achievers, know your interests. Or as NLP cofounder John Grinder once asked: “What do you love to do so much that you’d pay to do it?”   Know your Passions, Your Desires, Your Loves. Only you know what you truly love. It … Read More

Learn Like A Child. NLP Training Course

YOU ARE A LEARNER Learn Like A Child 1. Go Back in Time. Remember how, as a tiny child, you achieved fantastic learning accomplishments? Now, if you put yourself into an imaginary time machine, you can go back to that time of early childhood. Just pretend momentarily that you are in that time machine. Imagine you are going back to … Read More

Generating A New Behaviour

A NEW BEHAVIOUR GENERATOR EXERCISE 6   THE NEW BEHAVIOUR GENERATOR     1.             Preparation.  Find a relaxed and quiet place to be guided through this technique.  You don’t have to close your eyes to do this process.  Just make yourself comfortable and begin by looking off to your right.  In your mind’s eye, imagine seeing someone who looks just … Read More

NLP Training. Creating a Compelling Experience

    IDENTIFYING WHAT MAKES AN EXPERIENCE COMPELLING   This exercise will help you find out how your brain “codes” images to increase your motivation by making them so strong you’re naturally compelled to take the steps to achieve them.  It’s important to give your full attention to this exercise.   1.             Strongly Motivated Experience.  Think of a task that … Read More

Circle of Excellence

    CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE     What could you accomplish if you had more confidence when you wanted it?  Which positive feelings from your past would you want to re-experience if you could transfer them from where they happened in your life to where you really want them?  The Circle of Excellence will do just that.   1.             Relive … Read More

NLP Training: Making The Time and Effort to Master NLP Training

NLP Training: NLP Training takes time and effort to master One of the most important things to remember about NLP is that it takes practice to develop and hone these skills. It is not something that can be learned and put into practice overnight and proper training can be of great benefit. The growing awareness of the importance in using … Read More

NLP Can Bring Improvements For Everyone (Part 2)

Improved communication is one of the most important goals Knowing what you want to achieve and working out what other people are looking for creates the perfect platform for improved communication. Given that so much of life is based on our engagement and interaction with others, this is the perfect way to achieve so much more in life. When you … Read More

NLP Can Bring Improvements For Everyone (Part 1)

NLP Can Bring Improvements For Everyone (Part 1)   No matter what your status is in life, achieving more, obtaining success and being happy are all things that we should look to achieve. We all have different ideas of success and happiness, which can make it difficult to find ways to improve ourselves and to give ourselves a better chance … Read More

Use NLP To Boost Your Business.

How To Use NLP To Boost Your Business NLP is highly regarded as a beneficial way for people to come to terms with their emotions in certain situations but it is also an increasingly popular tool in business. With the economic climate being so difficult, businesses are looking for ways in which they can get better results without having to … Read More

The Picture Frame

THE PICTURE FRAME   1. Think of a Problem Situation.  Think of another, somewhat troublesome experience, or everyday difficulty.  The more you use situations and feelings that recur often, the more quickly the NLP changes will begin to radiate through your life.  If your negative feelings from the first exercise haven’t completely diminished or changed as much as you’d like, … Read More