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We have recently asked visitors to our site what they found most frustrating when visiting other NLP training sites.The most frequent problems were the difficulty in finding answers to simple questions such as dates and prices and hidden costs. Also what experience or qualifications the trainer held. We have tried to answer the questions very clearly below. If you need more information then please just ask.



Question:  What qualification will I receive at the end of training?

Answer:  You become a fully Accredited Practitioner of NLP. This qualification is recognised internationally and you will be eligible to join the leading NLP organisations including the ANLP.


Question:  How long does the NLP Practitioner Training take?

Answer:  It takes seven days in this format. We do offer other training packages to fit around people’s busy lives. We also offer one day a month for seven months or one weekend a month for four months.  If these training options interest you then please let us know. We can then keep you informed of the next training dates.


Question:  Is there a lot of study before the course?

Answer:  This is a ‘live’ training.


Question:  So what does that mean?

Answer:  This means that all material is covered during the seven days. We don’t believe in sending dozens of C.D.’s for you to listen to or reams of pre-course reading exercises.

We do provide a reading list for those who want to do some background study before joining the course. It’s certainly not essential but it can be interesting. We find that most of our delegates have already done quite a lot of reading on the subject of NLP training before deciding on joining the course


Question:  How much does the NLP Training Course cost?

Answer:  Training is £995.00 and there are definitely no hidden extras! We have seen other trainers charging extra for course notes and for certification at the end of the course. Often training of this quality is in excess of £2000.00.

You pay £995.00. That’s less than £150 per day for a course that can help you change your life.


Question:  Where is the NLP Training Course being held?

Answer:  We use our own training rooms here in Central England. We are based in Staffordshire in the Market Town of Rugeley WS15 2BL.


Question:  Who will be the lead trainer?

Answer:  Me! Dave Woolley. I am a fully Accredited NLP Trainer. I am registered with the ANLP, The Professional Guild of NLP and the AIP. I have also included on the site a copy of my professional C.V. We will also be having a guest trainer or two on the course?


Question:  Will I gain the skills, abilities and tools I need for the future?

Answer:  This is a full NLP Practitioner Training Course. The course outline is also available on this site for you to download. If you would like to give us a call and discuss your exact requirements or the area you intend to apply your new NLP knowledge will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.


Question:  Do you offer any other courses at NLP Central?

Answer: We also offer NLP Master Practitioner Training, and Fully Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy Training. Our training are highly regarded and fully accredited. We offer a full range of training options through our sister sites of Skills24 and HypnoFocus Training. Any questions then please ask.


So now you have some direct answers to some direct questions.

If you have your own questions regarding our NLP Training Course

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